Sugar Berry
Magic Charm


Sugar Berry’s Smart Magic is a must have magic for all. Her ability to invent magic machines, along with her love of puzzles and science, makes her blessed. Careful to only to use in sunlight and weekdays, since weekend and nights her genius takes a rest.

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Charm magic features:

  • Magic Name: Sugar Berry
  • Power: Smart Magic
  • Likes: Puzzles and Science
  • Dislikes: Cheaters
  • Magic Hour: Sunlight
  • Special Skill: The power to invent magical machines

Charm Type: Magic Power Food
Released date: 2018
Series: 1 Winter
Total number available: 100

Product Information


  • Single side Charm
  • Metal Finish: Platinum Plated
  • Enamel Pendant
  • Size 16mm x 26mm


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Magic Charm”

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