Mommy B and Me


A Mommy B and Me Book

Mommy B and Me

Mommy B and ME is about a little girl named “AJ” and her magical blanket named “B”. Through AJ’s imagination B becomes many different things – a ball, a microphone, a scooter, a ghost and much, much more. At night B always turns back into AJ’s cuddly blanket ready for snuggles as she falls asleep. Mommy B and ME is an easy reader with simple child friendly illustrations, that was written by 4-year-old Ariana Jalia, to inspire the imagination of every child.

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  • Paper back: 42 pages
  • Book Level: Easy Reader Level B
  • Publisher: My SunShine Magic Media (DLN Innovation, LLC); First Edition (March 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
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