Marabell Mystery Present
Magic Charm


Marabell Mystery Present can turn into the perfect gift. Her Happy Magic is filled with surprises and sparkles. It is best not to get her wet or her sparkles will disappear and she will fret.

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Charm magic features:

  • Magic Name:Marabell Mystery
  • Power: Happy Magic
  • Likes: Surprises and Sparkles
  • Dislikes: Water
  • Magic Hour: Sunlight
  • Special Skill: The power to turn into the perfect gift

Charm Type: Magic Power Holiday
Released date: 2018
Series: 1 Winter
Total number available: 100

Product Information


  • Single side Charm
  • Metal Finish: Platinum Plated
  • Enamel Pendant
  • Size 14mm x 19mm


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Magic Charm”

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