Dakota Dog
Magic Charm


Leave it to Dakota Dog to sniff out any signs of trouble with her Protection Magic. This magic power will guide you through any adventures. Make sure you have lots of yummy snack on hand and stop for oodles of hugs to keep Dakota Dog happy, healthy, and magic strong.

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Charm Magic Features:

  • Magic Name: Dakota Dog
  • Power: Protection Magic
  • Likes: Yummy Snacks and Hugs
  • Dislikes: Cats
  • Magic Hour: Sunlight
  • Special Skill: The power to smell danger

Charm Type: Magic Power Pet
Released date: 2018
Series: 1 Winter
Total number available: 1,000

Product Information


  • Single side Charm
  • Metal Finish: Platinum Plated
  • Enamel Pendant
  • Size 26.5mm x 21mm


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Magic Charm”

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