Crystal Cat
Magic Charm


As one of only a few magic powers that work in the moonlight, Crystal Cat’s Psychic Magic will provide you with insights of what’s to come. Just remember to let her sleep on new moon nights or you might be in for quite a fight. As a special treat ice cream is best to ensure her quiet rest.

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Charm magic features:

  • Magic Name: Crystal Cat
  • Power: Psychic Magic
  • Likes: Full Moon and Ice Cream
  • Dislikes: New Moon
  • Magic Hour: Moonlight
  • Special Skill: The power to see in the dark

Charm Type: Magic Power Pet
Released date: 2018
Series: 1 Winter
Total number available: 400

Product Information


  • Single side Charm
  • Metal Finish: Platinum Plated
  • Enamel Pendant
  • Size 25.5mm x 24mm


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Magic Charm”

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