Butter Kiss Popcorn
Magic Charm


Butter Kiss Popcorn can answer the need to become big or small or anywhere in between. Her Grow Magic works with just a few words. Just tell it what size you need and proof 1-2-3 that’s what you will be. Sunny days and movies keeps this magic strong, but cold winter days will make the magic turn out wrong.

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Charm magic features:

  • Magic Name: Butter Kiss
  • Power: Grow Magic
  • Likes: Sunny days and Movies
  • Dislikes: Cold Winter Days
  • Magic Hour: Sunlight
  • Special Skill: The power to grow the owner to any size

Charm Type: Magic Power Food
Released date: 2018
Series: 1
Total number available:

Product Information


  • Single side Charm
  • Metal Finish: Platinum Plated
  • Enamel Pendant
  • Size 24mm x 12.5mm


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Magic Charm”

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