Ariana Jalia’s official ROBLOX GAMES SOUND VIBE and FACILITY 6 are now available with five song EP ...

About Ariana Jalia

Gen Alpha phenom Ariana Jalia is already an international award-winning film director, actress and singer-songwriter. She is best known for her media appearances and acting roles on: Little Big Shots (NBC), Steve (NBC), Varney & Co. (FOX Business), AOL Build, Fox News, and New York Live (NBC), Manifest (NBC), Stephen King's Lisey's Story (Apple TV), Tracy Oliver's Harlem (Amazon), Prodigal Son (FOX), feature film A Mouthful of Air starring Amanda Seyfried, and award-winning film Family and ME.

As an author, singer-songwriter and influencer - Ariana has created a public following resulting in selling over 80,000 books and her singles have generated nearly 500,000 streams. Her social media following that continues to grow at a rapid pace with videos on YouTube with over 16mil views, alongside platforms Zigazoo and Instagram with tens of thousands of followers.


About My Sunshine Magic

My Sunshine Magic was founded in 2015 and is a diversified entertainment and media company with ventures at the intersection of gaming, video and music production, book publishing, and merchandise.



Ariana Jalia's book, ZEN THE SH*T OUT OF OUT, is now available in Ariana's digital shop!

Knowing that some did not have access to this life changing book, Ariana has now made it available to everyone as a downloadable digital book.

"I want to make sure that no matter where someone lives, they can learn the secrets to becoming unstuck and getting what they want", Ariana Jalia.

Visit the digital downloadable store and discover Ariana's new book release and more - ENJOY!

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2021 Film Festival Awards

International Award Winning Film Director ...

Taking The Film Festivals By Storm

In her directorial debut, Ariana Jalia and her short film Family and Me, have taken the 2021 International Film Festivals by storm winning awards and placements in major cities including London, Tokyo, New York, and Hollywood. Ariana was honored to received Best Actress, Gold Award First Time Director, and Silver Award for Indie Short Film - as well as being named as a Finalist and Semi -Finalist in several festivals for a Women Empowerment Film, Narrative International Short, Best Female Director in a Short Film, and Best Indie Short Film.


Official Trailer: FAMILY AND ME

This is a powerful short film that takes an honest look at a family of eight dealing with the heartbreak of death. The story shines a light on some of the most difficult outcomes a family can face when a child’s first cries for help aren’t recognized - all told through the eyes of a child. 

“I’m grateful that I was able to use the art of filmmaking to tell this story and share it with the world. But, this story is not a part of the social media hurricane or fancy filmmaking, tricks and hacks. Because this story is simple. Children let adults know they are in trouble, but adult miss the cues. When I realized that, I knew I must share this story. What I want adults to take away from this film is that there are no forgettable conversations. Even tossed out words in passing can have deadly consequences. But, for children, I hope they understand permanent solutions to temporary pain in not the answer.”, said Ariana Jalia.



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